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What is Ted's Music Land? It is a website created by Ted Jackson. On the site, Ted has created a variety of songs in different genres including pop, rap, rock, disco, metal. He is a producer of electronic dance music and all songs on the site are written by him, spanning from 2008 to 2019. Produced on DAW programs, some are played on a music keyboard. Some use vocal samples.And some are sung by him as he tells a story. As Ted has loved 80s and 90s music, some songs he wrote have themes like having a nostalgic 1980s dance style beat and others have a 2000's beat flavor.
So browse through Teds site. He has many songs on sale  where some  are singles, some albums. Most songs range from $1 to $3 and most albums range from $7 to $10. You'll find teds newest albums in the NEW ALBUMS tab available on itunes, amazon, etc. Discover his latest songs on the NEW SONGS tab.
TEDS JUKEBOX has over 120 of his classic songs while MIXTAPE has a selection of some of teds top dance songs. A song can be purchased on any tab and all credit cards are accepted through stripe or paypal.
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